September 16, 2021

Can Vision Boards Help You Believe in Yourself?

If you have never heard of a vision board before, it is simply a board that you can reference to reinforce some message about yourself or your goals. While not an official definition, this should serve to give you the concept in a nutshell. Are vision boards an effective tool towards helping you believe in yourself?

In general, you place information and pictures on your vision board that represents aspects of your life. It could be personal, professional, or both. You could have separate vision boards for personal and professional purposes as well.

They have their pros and cons. One of the most significant benefits of a vision board is you can refer to it whenever you need inspiration or an aspect of your life changes in some way. You can update the board to reflect those changes.

Another pro (but possibly also a con) is that you can put whatever you want on a vision board. That’s great, but if it doesn’t help you with your goals, it may not be as beneficial to have it on the board. In fact, it could hinder your progress as it takes up prime real estate on your board. Nothing is set in stone on your board, however. If you find something on your board that isn’t working, take it down.

Vision boards are not for everyone. Some people find them to be a waste of time. They spend lots of time finding items to place on the boards and then never refer to them again. They could have spent their time more productively.

One use of vision boards is to place accomplishments on them. It’s easy to forget about events that happened earlier in our lives. Keeping spots on the vision board dedicated to them will serve as a reminder. If you don’t believe that you’ve forgotten about your accomplishments, think back to what you accomplished in high school and college or when you first started your job.

Having a constant reminder of your accomplishments helps to strengthen your belief in yourself. Each accomplishment will help you remember what you went through to get it and this can help you with your future accomplishments. Going through this exercise will give you the confidence to tackle anything you set out to do.

There are no right or wrong answers when creating a vision board. It just needs to work for you. If it doesn’t, you should figure out why and adjust as you see fit.

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