September 16, 2021

Helping Others Deal with Adversity

At some point in your life, you are going to experience adverse situations that you need to handle. You learn from the experience that you have the strength to overcome most anything that comes your way. Sometimes, others you know may need help when dealing with their adverse situations. Because you have helped yourself, you are in a good position to offer them help.

Helping Others Deal with AdversityThe people you are trying to help may need to open up about their situation. If they are denying that it’s occurring, it is going to be difficult to help them. They won’t accept your offers of help because they don’t believe anything is wrong. Your offer may fall on deaf ears with them, or worse, they will get angry with you for even suggesting something is wrong.

Sometimes, the best way to get them to realize they are experiencing a problem is by asking them how they would handle the same situation if they needed to help someone else. By getting them to focus on an outside entity, even if fictitious, they start the mental process of identifying the problem. It’s not a guarantee that they will come around when you do this, but it certainly can get the process started.

Assuming you can get people to recognize the problem, you can help them take action to handle their situations. You may want to search for help online. Research before they do so that you can help them when they get to that point of doing the research themselves. It’s not a bad idea to learn more about the situation. You’ll be better able to help them.

If you have dealt with the specific situation before, that will speed the process. The person you are helping can ask questions about your experiences and what you did to cope or get through it. You will likely have a list of resources prepared from your experiences. You can volunteer to go with them to any support groups or meetings. Once they get started, however, they probably won’t need you to continue going with them.

Helping others deal with adversity is not an easy task. You should expect to get resistance, especially in the beginning. But, if you can get them to see the problem, they may be ready to take action towards the recovery process. It can be rewarding to know that you helped people start on their road to recovery.



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