October 25, 2021

How to Learn from Adversity

You never want to face adverse situations. Unfortunately, they will happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when. If there is to be a silver lining, it’s that you will learn from them. That is if you are willing to learn.

The deeper the adversity you face, the more it tests your resolve. You will learn much about yourself in how you deal with your situation. Of course, if you are not willing to admit you have the situation to deal with in the first place, then you won’t draw from those lessons learned.

You will learn to reassess your priorities. Suddenly, you will discover what is truly important in your life. For instance, you may think your job is the most important aspect of your life. Then, you face your adverse situation and realize that your family and friends are much more important. You can always find a new job.

You will learn that change is the one aspect of life you can depend on most. People have a difficult time accepting change. The trouble is that change continually happens. When you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to deal with something, you will accept the change. If you don’t, the problem may not correct itself. You will become miserable by not allowing change to occur.

Seek the opportunities that may exist from your adverse situation. You may find that you are good at something you hadn’t realized. The situation forced you to use skills you didn’t know you had. It’s difficult to think in this capacity because you are dealing with your situation. But, try to recognize the opportunities.

You are going to meet people as part of the process. These people may be key in helping you through your situations. More importantly, a few of them may become close friends. Adversity has a way of bringing people together.

Some adversity lies in dealing with others who don’t agree with you. That allows you to learn about how others approach a situation. You will see what kind of character those people possess. Try to learn about their feelings and their motivations. When you do, you can see their perspective on the issue. Although you may see their point of view, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, nor does it mean you should back down. However, you will be in a better position when dealing with them.

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