September 16, 2021

It’s Natural for People to Make Mistakes

Have you ever made a mistake? It’s not likely that you went as far in your life without making any mistakes. Most people (if not all) make them. Also, they will continue to make them. It’s part of the human experience.

Sometimes, people make mistakes that will put you in difficult positions. For instance, suppose you own a company and one of your workers mistakenly misrepresented your company. You know that your company is responsible for that misrepresentation. The person may not have known they made a mistake.

Your first reaction may be to fire the person. In some cases, you would be justified in doing so. However, did the person have the necessary knowledge to prevent him or her from misinforming others? If not, you need to consider that regarding the situation.

If people deliberately took adverse action, then that is a different situation. If they did know what they were doing, and they had malicious intent, then you are within your right to let them go. You should make sure that they were acting maliciously, however.

There are no easy answers when people make major mistakes. They may not be able to make it right, either. You will be left to deal with the consequences. It is easy to lash out at the person responsible. Of course, you should give them the opportunity to rectify it if they can.

The way some people deal with the situation of others making mistakes is to reflect on their own mistakes. This way, you can empathize with them. When that happens, you’ll be less likely to lash out at them and make the wrong decisions.

There are situations where people make the same mistakes repeatedly, even when you give them guidance on how not to make those mistakes. That is tough as these people may not be acting maliciously but may not have the ability to change. For instance, not everyone is cut out with their chosen vocations. In these situations, you need to weigh whether the mistakes they make have a serious impact. Even small impacts can add up when repeated.

When people make mistakes, and you forgive them, they will be appreciative. Many of these people will use your forgiveness as a means to grow. They become better people because of it. You will feel good knowing that these people have used the situation to their advantage.

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